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An alcohol rehab and an alcohol addict

How to Get into Rehab for Alcohol? Let’s Get Sober

Entering alcohol rehab is a significant step toward sobriety. Find the correct rehab program, commit, and follow your treatment plan. Plan for life following recovery with good aftercare.

an alcohol addict with a person standing with Medicaid sign

Does Medicaid Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab? Unlock Unknowns

Yes, Medicaid drug rehab covers your needs. Addiction impacts millions globally. Substance misuse can severely affect individuals, their families, friends, and society.

associating pictures of if the insurance covers alcohol rehab too

Does Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab? Maximize Your Insurance

Yes, insurance covers alcohol rehab for addicts but it depends on some factors. I will discuss alcohol use disorder, why treatment is necessary, and how insurance can help pay for it.

parents and their children portraying force for rehab by parents

Can My Parents Force Me to Go to Rehab? Understanding Your Rights

No, your parents cannot drag you into forced drug rehab against your will. As an individual, you have rights that protect your autonomy and personal choices, even when dealing with substance abuse issues. 

a rehab patient discussing with a doctor about how long rehab lasts

How Long Does Drug Rehab Last? A Deep Dive into Recovery Timelines

Drug rehab can last anywhere from 3 days to more than 180 days. Rehab time relies on many things, such as the type and severity of the addiction, the patient's motivation and readiness, their support, and their physical …

two people discussing what can be done when rehab doesn't work

What to Do When Rehab Doesn’t Work

If rehab doesn’t work for you, don't worry. It won’t mean that all the doors are closed for you. There are still some ways that make rehab that works for you.

a person being kicked out of rehab

Can a rehab kick you out? Don’t Let the Door Hit You

Yes, rehab can kick you out but, depending on the situation and severity of your conduct. Here you will know why rehabs sometimes dismiss patients, the most typical reasons for being discharged, and how you can avoid thi…

A person tensed about affording rehab

If You Can’t Afford Rehab│Free Rehab Options

If you have enough inspiration and motivation to overcome addiction then you can have rehab without money. There are several nonprofits and free rehab. On the other hand, other rehabs also decrease the cost, if they noti…

A guideline cover for referring someone to rehab

How to Refer Someone to Rehab: A Comprehensive Guide

Remember that many people and organizations can help you and your loved one. Show compassion, understanding, and respect, and encourage your loved one to get professional help.

short-term disability cover rehab

Does Short-Term Disability Cover Rehab? Understanding Coverage and Limitations

There is much confusion regarding short-term disability. They may include Substance use disorder, addiction to marijuana, heroin, cocaine, OTC drugs, and cigarettes, and mental illness including, depression, anger, anxie…

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