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What to Pack for 30 Day Rehab

What to Pack for 30-Day Rehab? FREE Checklist

Heading to a 30-day rehab program soon? Packing the right things can make a huge difference in your experience. In this blog, I’ll guide you through all the essentials you’ll need, plus some handy tips. Let&#…

Types intensive outpatient rehab

Types of Outpatient Rehab: Difference One Should Know

Have you ever considered outpatient rehab for yourself or someone you care about? It’s a great option for folks who want to overcome addiction while still managing work, family, and other commitments. Here’s …

Truth Behind FMLA Hidden Hurdles for outpatient alcohol rehab

Truth Behind FMLA: Hidden Hurdles of Alcohol Rehab Leave

As an expert, I have seen in many cases using FMLA seems easy, but gaining is quite tough. You may face financial, workplace, and family challenges before getting an FMLA rehab.  Using FMLA for alcohol rehab can be …

How fmla alcohol treatment

How FMLA Benefits Alcohol Rehab: Free Rehab & Keep Your Job

Navigating the intricacies of my field, I can say one employee must receive rehab through FMLA not only to save their jobs but also to recover soon from addiction. It works as both protection and prevention. Using FMLA f…

Do Outpatient Alcohol Rehab By Yourself

DIY Detox: How To Do Outpatient Alcohol Rehab By Yourself

With first-hand experience dealing with addicts, I got to know if you have a problem with drinking too much, you may wonder if you can do home alcohol rehab on your own.  Outpatient alcohol rehab is a type of treatm…

Effective Alternatives to DUI rehabilitation

Effective Alternatives to DUI Incarceration

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from dui rehab instead of jail, it’s that there are a lot of options instead of jail time if you are above 21 (according to MLDA).  As an eyewitness of DUI cases, …

Top Tips for an Out-of-State Alcohol Rehab

Top Tips for Picking an Out-of-State Alcohol Rehab Center

Based on my years of experience, here are some tips and tricks for selecting your rehab. The selection procedure is more crucial when it comes to out of state alcohol rehab.  Place, cost, and treatment plan are the …

Researching the Inpatient anger management

Researching the Best Anger Rehab Center for You

Based on my research, I found there is a concerning issue in almost everyone of what kind of treatment and therapy anger rehab gives.  I suggest, before entering anger rehabilitation, ensure that the staff, what add…

How Rehab Can Rehab Affects Child Custody

How Rehab Can Help You Regain and Maintain Child Custody

If there is one thing I have learned from Rehab Affects Child Custody, it is that if you are a single parent wanting to regain or keep your child’s responsibility, you may wonder how going to rehab can help you. Yo…

Establishing Paternity After Rehab for Unmarried Dads

Establishing Paternity After Rehab for Unmarried Dads

Based on my experience, I would like to suggest if you’re a father who is unmarried and wants to have a say in your child’s life, you must prove that you are a legal father.  That gives you the right to …

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