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a person depressed about going to rehab again and again

How Many Times in Rehab Before It Finally Sticks? The Surprising Truth

If you need more than one rehab session, take it. There’s nothing wrong with taking multiple rehab sessions. The only thing that matters at the end is your wellness and happiness. If sobriety brings joy, embrace it and work hard to quit drugs.

an alcoholic thinking about rehab

How Do Alcoholics Feel About Rehab

Rehabilitation is a process aimed at recovering from alcohol addiction involving social interventions. During rehab, individuals struggling with alcoholism can experience various emotions, including hopelessness, anger, and shame.

A person holding suicide badge and an in frame alcohol bottle

Does Alcohol Rehab Deal with Suicide: A Lifesaving Combination

Yes, alcohol rehab deals with suicidal tendencies. This alcohol abuse, the big problem, causes suicides, too! It hurts physically, mentally, and socially. Suicide is one of the worst things that can happen with alcohol abuse.