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Beyond the Bill: Using Your Insurance for Successful Detox

With a proven history of accomplishments, I know depending on your plan, different services and incidents are covered at various levels. 

You must look at your insurance provider to see if they provide rehab and detox facilities coverage.

As an expert, I suggest you find the following to use your insurance properly.

Find Out Which Places Will Take Your Health Plan

Call or visit your insurance provider to determine whether your chosen alcohol detox center is covered. 

You should choose a government funded detox center that is a part of your network and coverage, reducing costs and saving you money. That will make you avoid getting bills you didn’t expect. 

Ask About Costs That Your Insurance Won’t Be Paying

government funded detox center

Even after you choose the alcohol rehab facility from your network’s list, some charges won’t be covered by insurance. Ask them about the costs. 

This might be the costs of premiums, copayments, coinsurance, and other fees. That may ensure up to 90% coverage. Before you sign up, ask them about rehab costs and take precise estimates about pricing. 

Discuss what services they are offering, like medications, therapy, aftercare, etc.

Talk To Them About Payment Plans

If you are already having hard days with your finances, some rehabs support and sponsor your treatment to a limited amount. This can help you.  Consider looking into grants, scholarships, loans, donations, and other ways to get money. Talk to them about other plans if they have a detox no insurance policy.

Insurance helps you to complete your recovery without any financial drawbacks. Don’t forget to consult with the insurance providers, as well as the rehab specialists. 

Don’t forget to find the out-of-pocket expenses.

Tony McKenzie

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