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How FMLA Benefits Alcohol Rehab: Free Rehab & Keep Your Job

Navigating the intricacies of my field, I can say one employee must receive rehab through FMLA not only to save their jobs but also to recover soon from addiction. It works as both protection and prevention.

Using FMLA for alcohol rehab can benefit you and your recovery.

FMLA Benefits Alcohol Rehab

Assists With Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you receive FMLA alcoholism leave, you can focus on treatments without thinking about losing your job. 

You can also participate in aftercare programs like therapy, support groups, or medication-assisted treatment to help you stay sober and avoid returning to using.

One of my cousins got FMLA. And it worked like magic, the words he says. He added that he could spend more time in support groups through this leave. 

More importantly, with his family , he could recover faster than he expected. β€œIt was the greatest decision I ever took,” he mentioned.

Protects Job During Treatment

FMLA alcohol treatment leave ensures you won’t be fired, demoted, or mistreated because you are an alcoholic or getting help. 

Your boss can’t stop you from taking FMLA leave or treat you wrong because you’re receiving rehab.

Maintains Health Insurance Coverage

You can get the health care services you need to treat your alcoholism without thinking about losing coverage or paying more. 

You may still have to purchase your share of the premiums, but your company can’t charge you more than they would if you were working. Know how much rehab costs.

Preserves Employment Benefits

Your other benefits, like your status, pension, or bonuses, won’t change while you’re on FMLA leave. 

You won’t lose any benefits earned while on leave and will still earn benefits when you return to work.

Safeguards Seniority And Pension

Taking time off for FMLA alcohol treatment doesn’t hurt your status or pension rights. You’ll keep your position and rank in the company and still get credit toward your retirement plan.

You must also provide sufficient notice and documentation of your need for leave and follow your employer’s policies and procedures regarding FMLA leave.

Rehab is an appreciative step toward improvements. But a job is also mandatory to survive. Here, FMLA worked as a bridge to support both ends. 

That makes you receive your rehab without losing your job with several extra benefits. Don’t think more and go for the opportunity.

Tony McKenzie

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