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Help a Suicidal Alcoholic Friend: Act Fast

In my practice, I have observed you never know when your friend is feeling suicidal or helpless.

Your friend can’t express themselves to anyone. It observes that the suicide rate has increased in recent years dramatically because of substance abuse. 

Source: Trust for America’s Health

suicide rate has increased by alcohol

You may have felt the changes in your friend and may feel scared. But there are several things you can do to help them. And rehab must not disappoint you.

Here are some ways to help a drunk friend who is suicidal:

Don’t Judge What They Have To Say

Friends who are suicidal sometimes just need you to listen to them and agree with how they feel. Don’t try to fight with them, make their problems seem less important, or give them quick answers. 

Just listen and try to understand. That was the thing I realized when my patients were at the worst point of addiction. Don’t advise regarding alcohol and suicide.

Urge Them To Get Help From A Professional

Suicidal thoughts and alcoholism are significant mental health problems that need help from trained professionals such as I. 

You can help your friend by looking up local resources like alcohol rehab centers, therapists, or crisis hotlines and offering to go with your friends or make an appointment for them.

Help your friend with suicide prevention hotline numbers too.

Follow Up And Stay In Touch

Don’t think your friend is fine just because you talked to them or they went to a doctor. Keep in touch with them and show them that you care and are there for them. 

You can also tell them about their skills and accomplishments and why they should keep living.

I experienced that many of my patients felt more motivated after any group session or family session. That was because they got a close one to talk, share emotions with. So, you should help them too by attending any sessions like that.

Give Real Life Examples

Most of the time, visual and authentic information may help your friend understand quickly. You can mention actresses or known personalities who survived their alcohol and suicidal behavior with the help of rehab.

Some celebrities are facing mental health issues, including depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and so on. Some are Will Young, Pete Davidson, Cara Delevingne, Lili Reinhart, Miley Cyrus, and on and on.

Where Cara Delevingne, known as a successful model and actress, had depression and an emotional breakdown due to her addiction. 

Also, she can’t manage to be sober. But with the help of her friend, model Kate Moss encouraged and supported her to go rehab. From there, Delevingne managed to stay sober and control the triggers.  Source: journal

suicide prevention hotline encouraged and supported

That proves the proverb again, “When there is a friend in need, a friend indeed.”

Alcohol and addiction are worse. And it becomes dangerous when it comes to dealing with an alcoholic friend. But things will be easy if you deal with them properly.  Just follow the following tips, tricks, and ways and help your friend as much as you can.

Tony McKenzie

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