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Exploring Options for Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

In my practice, I’ve observed involuntary alcohol rehab is the legal and highest option of rehabilitation when no other option remains. But as an alternative, you can choose-

Outpatient Treatment

Here, you can get a chance to stay at home and attend the session of rehab. Also, you get the treatment sessions like inpatient rehab but not staying at rehab. 

There is a schedule that you need to follow, and try to attend sessions on time.

In my opinion, I have seen that for addicts who prioritize their freedom and personal time very much, outpatient rehab is the best option for them. 

It takes less time under observation, and addicts do not feel caged or dependent. Thus, it works better for them!

Residential Treatment

It’s a kind of inpatient rehab but not set up as a hospital but as a resident with several amenities. Where you can have all the facilities and treatments that are required to get rid of addiction. You can find it here too if you are a native American.

Exploring Options for involuntary alcohol rehab


Support Groups: Know Outside Boundary

Support groups consist of members with the same problem. They share their experiences thoroughly and realize everything. 

From there, you can have enough ideas to deal with commit someone to alcohol rehab.

Self-Help Books and Websites

There are several books available that help you to deal with addiction.

It includes The Food Addiction Recovery Workbook by Carolyn Coker Ross, This Naked Mind by Annie Grace, Rewired by Erica Spiegelman, Unbroken Brain by Maia Szalavitz, and so on. 

Also, in the age of technology, there are several websites available to help addicts. One of my rehab returned neighbors is a fan of self-help books and according to her, this helps the most!

She includes some of them such as  Lives of substance, SMART recovery, self-recovery, and so on.

If one wants to overcome addiction, then several doors are open for them. According to need, type, place, and other. You can select rehab easily.  It doesn’t mean one is better than the other. But it means every alcohol rehab center is perfect in its own way. The thing that only matters is how you are taking the rehab.

Tony McKenzie

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