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a guide about How to Become a Rehab Center Volunteer

Ready to Help? How to Become a Rehab Center Volunteer

Did you know? In 2021, a whopping 61 million Americans, almost one in four, volunteered their time, giving back over 4 billion hours! That’s incredible! In my work, I’ve seen people of all ages stepping up to…

Tips for Supporting Recovering Parents

Your Guide to Supporting a Parent in Rehab

In my practice, I’ve observed rehab is a chance to heal, not a punishment. Parents must be brave to acknowledge they need support. Supporting demands strength and commitment from the family. Rehab takes time, patie…

Parents Talk Rehab with Children

Explaining Rehab for Parents to Children: Avoid Unwanted Circumstances

While explaining rehab to your child presents significant hurdles, my experience suggests that it may be shilly-shallied if you need clarification on your child’s understanding or reaction. Better to consider these…

Supporting Kids When a Parent Goes to Rehab

Supporting Kids When a Parent Goes to Rehab: Deal Tough Times

As a seasoned practitioner, I ensure children may feel confused and frightened when their parents enter rehab. Sad, indignant, guilty, or embarrassed.  You may worry about your parents, family, and yourself. Your parent&…

Steps to Get Drug Rehab Coverage

Steps to Get Medicaid Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Coverage: With Images

State and Medicaid program requirements for drug and alcohol rehab coverage differ.  My cousin John’s journey to recovery, made possible through Medicaid, is a prime example of how the program can change lives…

Find a Medicaid Approved Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Get Help, Get Coverage: Medicaid-Approved Rehabs

According to my professional experience from my addicted cousin, there are plenty of ways to find a lead to discover the perfect Medicaid-approved drug and alcohol rehab program!  He learned about medicaid from one of hi…

An alcohol addict along with UK flag and dollar sign indicating cost

How Much Is Alcohol Rehab in UK

Alcohol rehab cost differs according to circumstances. Recovery is a courageous step to take. The costs are suitable and affordable according to individual's financial abilities.

mental health portraying with rehab care sign

How to Rehab an Alcoholic with Mental Health Issues

Dealing with the complicated relationship between alcoholism and mental health is hard for people who want to get better. Because these two things affect each other, it can make it harder to get better, which is a cycle …

portrayal of inpatient rehab and costs

How Much to Pay for Inpatient Alcohol Rehab? Total Expenses Explained

The cost of inpatient alcohol rehab depends on many different factors like location, type of rehab etc. Factors should be considered while choosing an inpatient alcohol rehab

an alcoholic with a person thinking about helping him

How to Help Alcoholic without Money for Rehab?

From deciding to get into rehab to taking treatment and being sober, it needs a lot of patience and long-term challenging phases. However, the patient must consider several things rather than the financial condition.

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