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Ready to Help? How to Become a Rehab Center Volunteer

Did you know? In 2021, a whopping 61 million Americans, almost one in four, volunteered their time, giving back over 4 billion hours! That’s incredible!

In my work, I’ve seen people of all ages stepping up to volunteer at rehab centers

I believe volunteering at a rehab center is one of the most meaningful things you can do.

How to volunteer at a rehab

To become a volunteer, search for rehab volunteer options near you, fill out the form with info, mention your training or certifications, and wait for the response.

Here are some quick links to becoming a Volunteer at a Rehab Center:

How to Become a Rehab Center Volunteer:

Step 1: Find a Rehab Center

Find a local recovery center that accepts drug rehab volunteers. Search online, ask friends and family, or call your local health agency for suggestions. 

Check the treatment center’s interests, talents, and availability.

Step 2: Contact the Drug Rehab Volunteer Coordinator

The volunteer coordinator will explain volunteer options, prerequisites, and expectations. 

They will also address your questions and schedule an interview.

Step 3: Complete the Rehab Center’s Volunteer Application

Third, complete the treatment center’s addiction volunteer application. The application may request biographical information, education, work experience, references, and volunteering reasons.

addiction volunteer application

CLICK HERE to get the full application form.   

Rehab centers may require background checks, drug tests, and health screenings.

Step 4: Attend a Drug Rehab Volunteer Orientation Session

Fourth, attend a volunteer orientation. The orientation will cover the rehab center’s mission, vision, values, and services. 

Learn about roles of a volunteer at drug rehab center, duties, and rules. Volunteers and staff will introduce you to the facility.

Final Step: Start volunteering!

Finally, volunteer addiction services! Your preferences and availability will determine your placement. 

The rehab center may need help with administrative work, recreational activities, educational programs, peer support groups, or other services. 

You will help addicts recover and learn essential skills.

If you are trying to do something good, then don’t wait for the perfect time. Get your phone and apply for volunteering. 

But remember, you must have enough training as in a rehab center you need to deal with ones who want special care and treatment to get a normal life back. 

Tony McKenzie

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