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Supporting Kids When a Parent Goes to Rehab: Deal Tough Times

As a seasoned practitioner, I ensure children may feel confused and frightened when their parents enter rehab. Sad, indignant, guilty, or embarrassed. 

You may worry about your parents, family, and yourself. Your parent’s help-seeking may also make you feel conflicted. These are normal reactions. 

The things you can do to heal the fact are-

Talk to Someone You Trust

Talking to a trusted person is crucial when a parent enters treatment. A friend, relative, teacher, counselor, or anybody who cares about you can listen. 

Discussing your emotions can help you cope. You don’t have to hide or act okay.

Through my experience, I realized that open communication with my parents is key to our mutual healing. You had to navigate difficult conversations, but it ultimately brought you closer.

Supporting Kids When a Parent Goes to Rehab

Find a Support Group for Children of Parents goes to Rehab

Find a support group for kids of addicts and addicted parents. You can share your feelings and experiences with others in a support group. 

Learn about Addiction: Truth with ins and outs

You can also share tips and support. Support groups might make you feel less alone and more hopeful. NACoA can help you out in this case.

Learn about addiction and how it impacts parents and children. Addiction destroys self-control. If your parent goes to rehab, this isn’t your fault and can’t be fixed. 

Understanding addiction can help you help your parents recover. It can also help you identify and avoid addiction.

Set Boundaries with Your Parents

Set limits with your parents to cope with rehab. Boundaries protect you and others. You may choose not to lie, provide money, or let your parents use drugs or alcohol in your presence.

Limits can protect you from your parent’s addiction. It also promotes self-respect.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is crucial when a parent goes to rehab- doing what makes you happy, healthy, and strong. 

You can exercise, eat healthily, sleep enough, have fun, learn new things, or pursue your hobbies. Self-care reduces stress, improves mood, and boosts self-esteem. 

Rehab for parents isn’t always in your hands. Try to heal yourself. It can also remind you that you have a life beyond your parent’s addiction and deserve happiness.

Tony McKenzie

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