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a dementia patient with a sign of alcohol

How to Get the Dementia Patient to Alcohol Rehab

Well, simply, dementia is a clinical syndrome that is caused by a disease that leads to the damage of brain cells. Alcoholic dementia arises when you start to lose memories or have trouble remembering this or that because of a heavy drinking problem.

A group of people in rehab

Does Rehab Treat Alcohol and Other Addictions?

Alcohol addiction can lead to low self-esteem, while rehab help alcoholics develop a positive self-image and regain confidence in life. And, the goal is not only to address the physical effects of addiction but also to explore and resolve the underlying psychological factors.

A couple convincing about alcohol rehab

How to Convince Spouse to Go to Alcohol Rehab?

If your spouse is alcohol addicted, you might find your relationship to be at its worst. Addiction can alter the brain, and this can eventually make the condition more critical for the addicted to fight back.

A sign of alcohol addiction with the title displayed

How do You Know if You Need Alcohol Rehab

Addiction doesn’t care about gender or social class because it affects everyone. Understandably, some people can’t tell the difference between drinking for fun and alcohol abuse. Also, stereotypes help alcoholics who don’t want to follow stay in denial.

a picture of drug and alcohol along with title

Does Medicare Cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Yes, Medicare covers alcohol and drug rehab. Addiction can hurt your physical, mental, and social health, so you need professional help and support from others in your community to get better. 

an outpatient alcohol therapy displayed

How Does Out Alcohol Rehab Work?

Outpatient alcohol rehab is one way that people who are dealing with alcoholism can get better in a way that works for them and specifically, their schedule. 

an alcoholic after rehab with an helping hand symbolically

How to Deal with an Alcoholic After Rehab

When an alcoholic returns home from rehab, yet, the path to recovery doesn’t end. It’s a continuous expedition that demands unwavering support and understanding. 

a canadian flag with alcohol picture in te background

How Much is Alcohol Rehab in CANADA- The Ultimate Guide

Alcohol rehab cost in Canada can be expensive, but it’s worth it. No matter how much you expend on this, the ultimate result will depend on personal efforts and attempts as well as a strong, supportive environment.