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Does Alcohol Rehab Deal with Suicide: Darkness with Hope

Through countless cases of addiction, including the cases I dealt with, the cases around me, the ones with celebrities, and the news, I’ve learned that alcohol rehab deals with suicidal tendencies.

While searching for evidence, I found a news of NSC News telecasted on 31st December, 2023, mentioning that more than 50K Americans died of suicide in 2023, and here 1 of 4 are addicted.

And in recent years, it was noticed that an addict had 120 times more suicidal thoughts than a nonaddict. 

The situations are getting out of hand nowadays, and you should go to rehab with the guidance of certified specialist if you are addicted and having suicidal thoughts from my perspective.

As rehab is the thing that will help to get a normal life. And help to deal with any anxiety, emotional breakdown, depression, and so on because of alcohol. Scroll down to know more.

How Alcohol Rehab Can Help Prevent Suicide: Light after Night

Based on my findings, you who abuse alcohol may feel sad, anxious, helpless, and even think about killing yourself.

Even substance abuse has been the 2nd highest reason for death in the past year, which I got to know from a report by NIAAA

From my point of view, rehab not only prevents addiction but also makes coping skills to avoid both addiction and suicide. Some of the best ways to treat suicidal tendencies in alcohol rehab are-

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Changes Negative Thoughts

That is psychotherapy, first of all. CBT helps figure out and change evil thoughts and beliefs. This unique therapy helps you learn how to deal with problems and feel better. 

And it makes you motivated to stay sober and live a worthwhile life. That helps to get rid of suicidal thoughts. I personally support CBT to recover properly.

My uncle Richard talked to me that he lost everything because of addiction, as he was unable to manage sober behaviors with the clients. And he started losing his well-developed business in Texas and started thinking about suicide. 

I suggested CBT first. After attending several sessions, he managed to control his expressions and emotions initially, and with time it improved. 

And within 2 months in rehab with proper treatment he managed to be sober and started a new life again. He is now managing two of his businesses in Texas.

Dialectical-Behavior Therapy (DBT) Teaches Emotion Regulation

This type of psychotherapy helps learn how to control feelings, deal with stress, and talk to others. 

DBT can help to be less impulsive, less angry, and less likely to hurt yourself and improve relationships and social support. That can reduce suicide by alcohol.

I dealt with this type of addict several times  when I was in New York. One of them is Mick. He was addicted from a young age when he was 16. And he was 22 when he came to me with several issues, including insomnia, anxiety, panic attack and suicidal thoughts. 

After hearing all the things, I guided him effectively to deal with mental as well as psychological issues with DBT. And pointed out his daily situations. At the initial stage, he had some breakdowns. One day, he locked himself in the toilet. 

With the help of other staff we rescued him, and I personally talked to him about the facts he might face in future. And suddenly I noticed a change in his talking, working and everything.

Motivational Interviewing Fosters Positive Changes

It is a type of counseling that helps overcome reluctance to change or ambivalence about making a change. 

MI can help you figure out why you want to stop drinking, gain more confidence in your ability to recover, and set goals for recovery that are realistic and doable.

My uncle Richard wasn’t that easy to handle. I started talking to him and tried to let him understand his difficulties as well as the consequences that he might face because of addiction. Ml worked perfectly here, that’s why he agreed to CBT.

Group Therapy Provides Support

That is a way for you going through similar problems to share your thoughts, feelings, and problems with others going through the same issues. 

Group therapy can help you feel less alone, learn from each other’s ideas and plans, and get feedback and support from your peers and those leading the group. And avoid suicidal beliefs.

I worked with addicts overcoming fears, tears, hesitation, getting a stable personality, and being motivated toward treatment after sharing each other’s stories in group therapies.

Medication Treats Co-occurring Disorders

Medication can be essential to alcohol rehab, especially with other illnesses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or PTSD. 

It can help stabilize the individual’s mood, reduce cravings, and stop withdrawal symptoms that can lead to relapse or suicide attempts.

Kirsten Dunst, one of the known actresses, went to Cirque Lodge rehab for her depression. Even most of the news channels telecast this.  Source: ABC News

alcohol and suicide for her depression

But later, after completing rehab successfully, she mentioned how medication is necessary to deal with this type of feeling. Also, the ways she learned from medication helped her to stay sober. Source: WebMD

completing rehab successfully, alcohol and suicidal behavior changed

Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety: Alcohol and Suicide

Mindfulness is practicing paying attention to the present moment with curiosity and acceptance.

It helps you deal with stress, anxiety, and other bad feelings that lead you to drink this much and eventually makes your life happier. 

This concept of mindfulness will help you become self-aware, compassionate, and thankful too! All these things combined will distance you from alcohol and suicide.

Art Therapy For Emotional Expression

Art therapy is a way to share feelings and thoughts in a creative way, such as through painting, drawing, sculpting, or collage. 

It helps you let go of your feelings, figure out what’s going on in your mind, and learn about new parts of yourself. This also decreases suicide by alcohol.

Even i practiced art therapy several times when I needed to relax from my daily workloads. Not because I have addiction problems but to relax and stay calm. Even it works like magic and makes me able to focus on my work.

Adventure Therapy Boosts Mood

Adventure therapy is an experiential treatment in which you do things like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, or zip-lining outside. 

Happiness, Sense of self-worth, and Physical health are the aspects that improve your health through adventure therapy. That can decrease fears and push you to have fun with adventure.

People such as you addicted to alcohol and thinking about killing yourselves can save your lives by going to alcohol rehab. I personally suggest that you should be cared for for alcohol and suicidal behavior with proper guidelines.

Resources for People Struggling with Alcohol and Suicide

It’s essential to seek treatment for both alcohol addiction and suicidal ideation. Many resources are available for you who need support and guidance in your recovery journey. 

Call the suicide prevention hotline if you are feeling lonely. Here are some of them:

These resources can help you find hope and healing from alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts. If you need to, call the suicide prevention hotline anytime! I ensure addicts get help from these resources.

People Also Ask

Has the Suicide Hotline Number Changed?

Yes, recently, the Suicide Hotline number was changed to 988. Previously, it was a 10-digit number, which was also hard to remember. 

Another thing is the whole system was renamed to 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at the same time.

In conclusion, alcohol rehab can be a lifesaving combination for you who struggle with suicidal thoughts and behaviors.  If you or someone you love suffers from alcohol addiction and suicidal ideation, please do not hesitate to seek help. Remember, you are not alone and deserve to be happy and healthy. Know if you can take FMLA leave for alcohol rehab.

Tony McKenzie

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