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Is There Rehab for Weed? Exploring Your Options for Overcoming Addiction

There are many available rehabs for weed. Where the type of treatment varies, depending on the degree of addiction of the individual.

I knew someone who started smoking weed when he was 17 and a half. But over time, suddenly he realized his faults and tried enough to get back to normal life, but it became harder and harder. Rehab for weed addiction is the best path to recovery from where he recovered. Rehab for weed smokers was hard, but it was also the best thing that ever happened to him.

If you’re struggling with rehab for weed addiction, please know that you’re not alone. There is help available, and you can get better.

Do people go to rehab for weed?

Definitely, people go to rehab to get rid of the weed.

If you go to rehab for alcohol, depression, or anger, why not for weed? People are now frequently going to rehab to get rid of weed addiction.

The statistic shows that 55 million (16.9%) of American adults are addicted to weed currently. And they are making their way to weed rehab not for physical dependency but for getting mental one.

How Does Marijuana Rehab Work?

The two ways marijuana rehab actually works are discussed shortly.

Marijuana rehab is first planned according to the type or condition of the person. Later on, the type of assessment, detoxification, treatment, or therapy is determined accordingly. Marijuana rehab is for those who are trying to bring themselves back to normal life but can’t.

It includes-

Medical Detoxification

That’s a long-term recovery process and is effective for those who want to quit marijuana on their own. It’s not very mandatory for weed rehab, but it’s essential.

Medications Used During Detoxification

I have seen so far that those who have done medication properly have achieved normal lives safely and comfortably. Medications include Acamprosate, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, Anticonvulsants, and many more. Which varies from person to person.

But definitely do not forget to take the advice of a doctor before using them.

Behavioral Therapy

The most essential step in returning to normal life is regaining normal habits. Which becomes possible through therapy. Such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Contingency Management, Mindfulness-Based Therapies, and Family Therapy.

These are discussed in detail below-

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This therapy begins by observing your behavior and thought patterns that are causing the problem. Later, keeping these things in mind, they plan their steps and try to bring you back to normal through various practical activities. At the end of the session, you will find a different confidence in yourself.

It usually takes 12-20 sessions and charges $100 to $200 per session.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

It is a specific type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. But here, ‘Dialectical’ illustrates the opposite behavioral thought. It was initially used to treat borderline personality disorders.

That means in this therapy, not only the good aspects are the concerning issue, but also the worse ones. It helps you to bring back to your normal attitude of understanding good and bad. That is, by dealing with your emotions.

These sessions are usually weekly for 40-60 minutes and charge from $150 to double that.

Contingency Management

CM is a reward-based therapy to further motivate positive use.

For example, if a competition is held where the participants including the winner will be rewarded for abstinence from the use of weed. It is functional enough to meet treatment goals. It is used to pass a drug test or attend a counseling session. It can be added that this procedure is quite cost beneficial.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

With MET, you can get away with the habit of consuming weed on your own through motivation. Counselors deal with weed addicts through this therapy. It changes inner thinking. It solves the dilemma of quitting marijuana. It is a short-term process that is usually completed in 5 sessions.

This is usually $38.59 per session, which can fluctuate.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Marijuana Rehab Program

There are some terms or factors that should be considered before going to rehab for weed addiction. Factors can range from the rehab’s license, type, and success rate to your budget, location, treatment time, and everything in between. It is also a kind of mission whose success is gaining a normal and healthy life.

Before starting any work or starting any mission, a well-planned plan helps to bring success. Although it sounds insignificant, the outcome is remarkable.

The severity of your addiction

You have to check yourself before you are addicted to what degree. If you are addicted to an overdose, you need to take some serious steps like CBT or DBT. And if you are at a very low level, there is a different way such as breath works and medications. In this factor the cost of the overall treatment also depends.

Your daily life routine

Depending on your daily life routine, the type of rehab is selected. As if you’re a morning person the session of the rehab you may choose early in the morning, that will impact on your later day too.

If you are a night person, you can schedule your session in the evening to get proper sleep and get rid of your addiction.  You go to rehab to improve yourself but if you don’t cope there at the end of the day you won’t improve.

Your support network

Point out the support networks that will help you in rehab for marijuana.

A support network can include a trusted personality, or hobbies like gardening, cultural activities or others that can help you recover in rehab soon.

Your budget

Now come to the most important step. Without which many things are impossible is the budget.

Of course, no one goes to rehab with a lot of wealth or money or can’t afford it. So it is necessary to choose rehab within the budget. Many rehabs provide very good services at low cost, on the other hand, the opposite is also seen.

According to research, it’s mentioned that the cost of the whole treatment ranges from $2,000 to $10,000 or more. Before selecting one, check the best reviews or policies.

Benefits Of Seeking Professional Help To Overcome Weed Addiction

Getting rid of weed addiction is easy with the help of professionals. Rehab for weed addiction is as effective as a professional consultancy offering numerous benefits. As the experience is known from them, the realistic ideas and truth are also known from their work. They can ensure which treatment or therapy is best.

Conversation or help with peers can ease your path to recovery. You will see that your confidence in getting better will increase day by day.

Safer Detoxification Process

By simply presenting the detoxification process, he makes it far easy and comfortable for you.

Access To Different Types Of Therapy

Those who are professionals can access multiple therapies. Suppose you have started therapy but are in the middle it is not working anymore or you are not getting the desired outcome, a professional can immediately move you to another therapy without any side effects.

Aftercare Planning

After an addict’s recovery, physical and human changes are seen. At that time, you have to follow the guidelines that include following a healthy diet, regular medication, reading a motivational book or watching a movie, have medicines on time, talking with a friend or family member and many more.

Follow them very carefully, otherwise, there is a possibility of getting involved in the addiction again.

Is It Possible To Quit Marijuana Addiction Without Professional Help?

By all means it is possible to quit marijuana if there is an honest and strong will.

An average of 5% or more of total weed addicts live a healthy life without professional help. But he needs the help of his family and relatives and his efforts.

Here in 2023, when everything is at our fingertips, the addiction recovery method is also in our hands. After 2020, many online training sessions, classes, and medication videos are available online which help someone to quit weed very easily.

Quit Cold Turkey
Cold turkey means giving up an addiction or disposition. Which gradually reduces the habit of consuming weed. It is an effective and challenging approach to quitting.

Self-Help Groups
A group can be kept with a few in an area, where an addict can get help through various social rituals, and meditation sessions. Can improve self and others. If you want you can have help from NAMI, and NCADD which are non-profit organizations and may help you when you need them regarding the weed addiction topic.

Online Treatment Programs
There are various online platforms available that allow many people to consult together. And helps an addict recover through various tasks and competitions.

Finally, this is the concern issue that the Detoxification Process is safe. And it does not have any side effects. You will improve more than you would alone with the help of a professional, who will work much less time and effectively to recover you. Choose rehab for weed carefully and learn more about the program you are taking for.

Stay healthy yourself, and build a healthy society!

Tony McKenzie

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